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Lt. Charlie Jacobs (no relation to Bruins ownership) of Pembroke surprises his parents Laurie and Daron Jacobs Saturday night.  Lt. Jacobs had been stationed in Afghanistan for the last seven months with the 182nd MASS Army National Guard.  Lt. Jacobs bought tickets to tonight's game for his parents and also unbeknownst to his parents Lt Jacobs  bought tickets for himself and two friends so that he could surprise his parents during the game.  The Mass ANG tipped off the Bruins who in turn contacted Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs and invited them to participate and represent their son and all other service members and their families  in Saturday's Veteran's Day ceremonial puck drop.  The Bruins also contacted Lt. Jacobs and arranged for the surprise reunion to take place at center ice prior to begining of the game.  ..GATEHOUSE NEWS SERVICE PHOTO BY ERIC CANHA